Lunatic Fringe

December 4, 2009 § 1 Comment


A long time ago, in a galaxy faraway, there was a Canadian band called Red Rider.  And they had a big hit in the early 80s with a song called “The Lunatic Fringe.”  It’s not such a bad song, really.

The lunatic fringe is alive and well in Montréal this week, according to the Montreal Mirror. American aboriginal activist Splitting the Sky will be in our fair city.  I have never really thought of him as out there, despite his claim to fame being an attempt to enact a citizen’s arrest on George W. Bush in Calgary.  Anyway, on Saturday night, he will be speaking at the Centre Saint-Pierre on rue Panet; his topic is that 9/11 was an inside job.  This is from the Mirror’s story:

Sky says the former president, his vice-president and their shadowy allies were convinced they could get away with blowing up the World Trade Center, murdering thousands of innocents, engaging in two ruinous wars and earning the enmity of the world in order to gain access to distant oil and gas fields in faraway and difficult to access seabeds. Telltale stock trading prior to the attacks and an impending, potentially costly lawsuit against WTC owners over asbestos are just parts of his case, he says.

“I have conclusive evidence” that will expose the conspiracy, he says. “I’ll be exposing all the corporations, all the players, and charging the real terrorists. The war on terror is bogus.”

All I can say, is please.  9/11 was a lot of things, and the Bush administration does appear to have been negligent about reading intelligence reports prior to the attacks, but an inside job?


Even The Gazette is getting in on this, promoting Split the Sky’s talk, as well as his legal woes stemming from his attempt to enact a citizen’s arrest on W. in Calgary.  He’s on a tour to fund his defence, apparently.  The talk is being hosted by the Montreal 911 Truth Group.  I especially like their creation of a swastika of bullets with the British, American, Israeli, and NATO flags on it, as the header for an article asking whether Montréal is the next terror target.  Apparently, according to these people, Mossad was going to carry out a 7/7-style terrorist attack in the Montréal Métro.  Included is a typical crackpot explanation of why Mossad (and the Canadian government) would want an attack on Canada:

The government will not stop the next terror attacks planned for Canada, because they are intimately involved with the masters of false flag terror, the Isrealis.

Pro-Israel Zionists placed by treasonous Canadian politicians now hold important posts in Canada’s Parliament(the Isreali allies caucus), Supreme Court, and the CBC.

Other Israeli agents own media monopolies, like CanWest Global, which always stresses the pro-Israel side, and conspires to swindle Canadians with War on Terror propaganda. They actually want a terror attack on Canada, so they can pour on even more propaganda for Israel inspired wars.

But, fortunately for us, the conspiracy theorists are here to save us.  Ugh.  Please.


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