Crime in the Big City

January 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is kind of bizarre and gruesome, but yesterday a body was found in a suitcase at the corner of rues de Bullion and Charlotte in that funky part of downtown, just off the Main, the legendary Lower Saint-Laurent.  There are a bunch of rooming houses there.  Anyway, the Montréal police, in all their brilliance, then announced that the body showed signs of violence.  Really????  A body is stuffed into a suitcase and you might think that it got there by means of violence?  Wow.

Certainly this was only part of the story, of course the cops knew more than they were saying, and no doubt this bit of intelligence came as an answer to a simplistic question from a reporter, and The Gazette ran with it.  But, still.

Anyway, the Montréal police got their man, arresting a man in Ottawa today.


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