Argh. The Men’s Rights Movement

March 8, 2014 § 2 Comments

Apparently one of the search terms that led people to my website is “why is it sexist and racist to have women’s day, black history month, but not white men’s day.”  Seriously.  As if every day isn’t already white men’s day.

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§ 2 Responses to Argh. The Men’s Rights Movement

  • Robert Graham says:

    It’d be kinda cool if just the History Channel had a European History Month because it’s kind of like they forgot history exists and I’d like to watch more stuff like Vikings but educational.

    Seriously, though, I respect Black History Month but I think focusing on the racial aspect is silly. It’s about educating people on the importance of freedom and equality. A White History Month isn’t necessary because teaching about our history isn’t as relevant to that message.

    There is an International Men’s Day. It’s about fostering an air of acceptance, empathy and companionship for all men in a society that focuses greatly on the negative. Women aren’t the only ones who sometimes need uplifting.

    • I started watching Vikings last night. I was not impressed. My general problem with History Channel is that it’s not really all that educative anymore, it’s going for big ratings, so it’s become kind of cartoon history.

      As for Black History, it’s only partially about freedom and equality, it’s also about instilling pride in African Americans, the depressing fact is that racism in the US (or Canada, or wherever) is very real. Studies continually show that young black boys and girls have negative self-images of themselves due to skin colour, and continually wish they were white. It’s incredibly depressing.

      We don’t need a White History Month because every month is white history month. I’ve been making a conscious effort in teaching American history the past few years to create a more inclusive curriculum, which isn’t that difficult, but even the most updated textbooks and course syllabi I see from around the country are largely white. Native Americans are out of the story after the colonists get here, and blacks only appear vis-à-vis slavery and the Civil War, and then re-appear for Civil Rights a century later. That’s just not right.

      Definitely, men need uplifting, and empathy is something all men should learn.

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