Web Resource: Transnational Urbanism in the Americas

January 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

This just came through on the H-Urban listserv.  Cambridge University Press has launched a multimedia companion, Transnational Urbanism in the Americas, a companion to a special issue of the journal, Urban History.  This is from CUP:

In this special issue, a project of the journal’s North American Editorial Board, six authors from Canada, France, and the United States explore a sweeping range of historical issues that linked cities of the Americas to the rest of the globe.  They write: “The emerging transnational paradigm suggests intriguing new possibilities for the historical study of cities. Transnationalism challenges us to map out the patterns of human life in neways as they cross and construct cities, nations, and other crucial formations.  Even as this new paradigm stimulates a fundamental rethinking of urban historical scholarship, the Internet and the World Wide Web are also challenging our received modes of scholarly communication.

This multimedia companion meets these challenges through a hybrid of cartographic, narrative, and photographic presentation, featuring the publishing debut of HyperCities, an online, open-source research and educational platform for studying and interacting with layered hypermedia histories of city and global spaces.

Access to the on-line companion is free.   Subscribers get access to the journal itself.


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