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January 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, Canada’s Fisheries Minister, Gail Shea, was hit in the face with a tofu cream pie, due to her support of the seal hunt in Canada.  PETA quickly claimed responsibility for the act.  OK, big deal.  A nice publicity stunt, got the topic back on the national radar here in the Great White North.  But today, Liberal MP Gerry Byrne, who represents a Newfoundland riding that has an interest in the seal hunt, suggests that this makes PETA a terrorist organisation:

When someone actually coaches or conducts criminal behaviour to impose a political agenda on each and every other citizen of Canada, that does seem to me to meet the test of a terrorist organization…I am calling on the Government of Canada to actually investigate whether or not this organization, PETA, is acting as a terrorist organization under the test that exists under Canadian law.

Moreover, says Byrne, the pie-in-the-face (which occurred in Burlington, Ontario, some 3,200km west of Newfoundland) is a threatening act which puts hunters and sealers at risk.

Oh boy.

Cross-posted at Current Intelligence.

UPDATED: It seems that PETA got a taste of its own medicine in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  On Friday, a PETA member dressed in a seal costume outside of a speech by Canadian PM Stephen Harper was pied in the face by an unidentified man.  No one is wondering if he’s a terrorist, however.

In slightly-related news, I saw a bumper sticker in rural Western Massachusetts that read: “PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals.”  Said bumper sticker was on a pickup truck with a gun rack, containing 3 rifles, and carrying 2 hillbillies in hunting gear.  I had to laugh.


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